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Advantages of Shared Small Business Web Hosting

Advantages of Shared Small Business Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is usually recommended for small business with little or average traffic. There are several companies offering such services. Normally shared web hosting services usually come with packages that include features such as; unlimited email accounts, free domain hosting, and unlimited bandwidth. This type of hosting is perfect for sites or blogs that do not require lots of space or bandwidth. In a nutshell, one share’s server space with several other websites.

How Shared Web Hosting for Small Business Works

Shared web hosting is a hosting service where several websites are placed on a single component of a server linked to the internet. Each website is allocated its space within the server, which is ideal for small businesses because it’s cost effective when budget might be tight. With shared hosting, several website owners contribute money so as to maintain a given server.

Normally shared web hosting is administered through the control panel often using a program called cPanel. The good thing about these providers is that they usually handle things like the website installation procedure, all technical issues, security checks and other maintenance. in most cases, the servers use a Linux operating system commonly referred as LAMP.

The main advantages of using shared web hosting services include:


Most small businesses are usually on the lookout for hosting services that are affordable and easy to maintain. Shared web hosting services are the perfect solution for small businesses as it can to save both time and money. Some of the features that one can obtain by using this type of hosting include; PHP MSQL, Ruby on Rails amongst others. Shared hosting enables you to create sites, blogs, chatrooms and a host of other features by just having a single account.

Shared Cost

Shared web hosting is easy to maintain as many websites share a single server and as a result, the cost of maintaining the server is reduced.

Seamless Maintenance and Reliability

When it comes to server maintenance, shared hosting providers usually take care of all the technical details ensuring that the whole process is smooth sailing. The good thing about such companies is that they maintain their systems at all times without transferring the cost to the customer.

Wide Range of Additional Services

Most providers of shared server hosting will usually offer services that include; domain name registration, domain parking, control panel, cgi –bin directories, automatic data back up, programming and web design services. Such web hosts will usually provide many email accounts options as well as more disk space for businesses or clients.

Full Technical Support

Most shared hosting providers will take care of all technical details on your behalf. Knowledge of servers is not really needed as the web host will offer regular maintenance at no extra cost.

Ease of Use

Another benefit to the customer is that their plans come with an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) which is often through a program called cPanel. Such functionality enables even basic users to add content to a website, manage email accounts, and install plugins or widgets with ease.

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