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Advantages Of Vps Hosting

Advantages Of Vps Hosting

When small and medium sized businesses are looking for hosting solutions, Virtual Private Server/ Virtual Dedicated Server is the preferred one. The difference between a dedicated hosting and a virtual one is that in case of VPS, users can enjoy the services of a dedicated server and yet get the shared hosting options as well. A report published in The Financial states, “In 2010, US retail ecommerce sales (excluding travel) rebounded from the recession, posting 14.8% growth, compared with only 1.6% growth in 2009. In 2011, online sales will reach $ 188 billion”. This only goes on to prove the importance of VPS hosting for attracting more customers.

The advanced generation of web hosting, VPS hosting takes one computer and stimulates multiple servers through it. With more and more people buying the idea, costs have gone way down and efficiency has thoroughly increased.

VPS has brought all the delights of high end reliability to lower end customers who can’t afford to install costly systems. The flexibility that it provides at such low prices makes VPS hosting the preferred mode for SMBs.

Here are the advantages explained for you –

High security – The server runs in the isolated environment thereby lessening the chances of a crash or an attack.

Value-for-money – With VPS hosting systems, you are able to effectively distribute the costs across all the platforms. Thus, maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

High-end Performance – With this type of hosting, you are able to take out the maximum out of the server, thus giving you the same reliability of a dedicated server at minimal costs.

Multiple programs – With VPS, you are able to effectively install and configure various programs by root access.

Unlimited websites – With these servers, unlimited number of websites can be hosted.

When it comes to finding the right hosting company for your business, you need to look for in the right areas. Ask your friends and business colleagues for suggesting you the companies they have hired in the past. This will allow you to quickly search for the right one for the job. Another nice way is to visit the Internet. There are various online communities and forums where you can get the best advice.

You must visit the websites of these companies and find out more about them. Check their previous projects and ask for additional discounts if you are being referred by an existing customer. These points will definitely help you for deciding the hosting company for your business. When it comes to finding the right one for VPS hosting, many prefer 24 Shells.

When it comes to finding the right company for dedicated servers, many prefer 24 Shells. They provides you with stable and fast dedicated server.

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