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Cpanel Hosting – Free Tips Inside

Cpanel Hosting – Free Tips Inside

Cpanel hosting is one of the easiest ways to host a website. Many of the features that webmasters desire most are built into this central control panel. While people do not always like the simple layout of the cpanel hosting system, it does provide a stable solution for people who are looking to keep things simple and create hosting accounts on a large scale.

Cpanel is a company that produces a control panel software that includes various software components. A large number of web hosts chose to use the cPanel platform because it is simple, quick and convenient to deploy. With another software package called WHM or Web Hosting Manager an administrator can create user accounts for cPanel and assign them disk space and bandwidth based on a package or custom specifications. Some of the best hosts use cPanel, and you can have very affordable cPanel hosting for your self!

One of the best ways to find affordable hosting with cPanel access is to search for shared hosting. Shared hosting accounts are usually hosted on a server with hundreds of other websites, and may be slower than a dedicated server, but not by much. These shared hosting accounts can be purchased for less than ten dollars per month, and depending upon the hosting company, less than five dollars per month.

You get a good amount of bandwidth and disk space, as well as many additional features such as email, and MySQL databases. These hosting accounts are great for anyone who wants to host a personal blog or small website that shows off their skills. While many people use cPanel for smaller sites, there is no reason that you cannot use cPanel on a very large website as well. However, most of the hosting packages that are setup for cPanel are meant to work for smaller scaled websites.

You may just have to contact your web host in order to get a package that works out for you.

There are other types of web hosting control panels on the internet. However, none offer the ease and amount of features that come with cPanel. Everything that you have to do is contained within cPanel, which makes it easy to open up a forum, blog, mailing list and more. Plus, once you have installed all those things on your hosting account and website, it is easy to track how many visitors you have coming to your website.

One of the best features of cPanel is a add-on called Fantastico. You can install a wide range of software from forums to blogs to shopping carts with easy to follow steps. Most of the process is automated, only requiring you to fill in information like username and password. While it is not included with cPanel, many hosts add it to their cPanel accounts as it is very popular. Having a cPanel hosting account could not be easier. You can handle just about any problem quickly and efficiently. Even installing new programs is just a few mouse clicks away!

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