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Dedicated Server vs VPS Hosting vs Cloud Hosting Which is Better

Dedicated Server vs VPS Hosting vs Cloud Hosting Which is Better

Most entrepreneurs are hesitant at first in going to a dedicated server for their website hosting. They have a feeling that this might not be right for them or its might be too expensive or that what sort of over head it will take to run a dedicated server. These are all legitimate concerns. A more balanced review is however needed to make an accurate assessment of your business needs. By going through a systematic analysis you might find that VPS hosting is a better fit for you as opposed to dedicated hosting. You might just as well conclude that dedicated hosting is the only way to go. The very first thing you must do is to list out all of your requirements. These include how many visitors will you have and how many of them can be on the server at the same time. By using this number you can estimate how many simultaneous sessions your server will need to support.

Getting a Clear Picture of your Needs.

You should first start with making sure that you understand what is not understood. This often includes the background information on a dedicated server. You can have a dedicated server like power in a few different ways, you can choose to go with a low power, low cost VPS server you can choose a standalone dedicated server, there however a third option available these days, it is known as cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is relatively new and most web application might not fully support it but can solve lot of issues that are caused by media intensive websites. More and more businesses are finding out that cloud server fits their needs better if they need a flexible system that can handle spikes in traffic. If the traffic is more steady however and you want more control over the server, dedicated server is likely a better choice. You generally get a flat bill for using a dedicated server make its cost more predictable.

Starters Budget Solution

VPS Hosting offers an excellent price point to get started in semi dedicated web hosting. VPS gives you almost full control over the server configuration. You can install any script of your choice, have a dedicated IP to server your website, host multiple domains or sub domains. There is even cpanel available on dedicated hosting. VPS servers are easy to scale up and grow as your needs grow. With all its advantages it does have some disadvantages; virtualized environment can cause un-stabilities in some of the web services or scripts. It can get expensive to run VPS as you scale up.

Could Server Solutions

Amazon EC2 and S3 style cloud hosting service providers have really pushed this stuff out and in front of most. A major issue with cloud hosting is that it is not managed; it is typically left to IT staff for management. Most startups might find it hard to work with. Other major issue with them is that there on demand nature makes them more expensive to rent and operate.

Dedicated Servers Hosting

Dedicated servers are computers that are fully dedicated for use by a single company or individual. They can have multiple VPS servers on them if their owner decides to take that route, they can also be managed if there is a need for it. Managed Hosting is a popular choice for new startups who decide to use dedicated server.

The choice in the end should depend on your needs. If you decide to go with managed dedicated hosting there are coupons available for it here.



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