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Domain Name Branding

Domain Name Branding

The main thing in Domain Name Branding is the domain name. Most people today do not reach a website through the results of a search engine. Instead, they directly type the name of the website in the address bar and reach the site.

One of the most important aspects of a domain brand is the spelling of the domain name. It MUST be easily spelt. If the domain name is short and easily spelt, people will remember it more easily. If it is long and complicated, then it will be difficult for people to link your brand to the business.

The brand name should be memorable. If it cannot be easily remembered, then people will not look for it and this can affect your online business. Also the domain brand should be relevant to your business.

It is important to make sure that your brand name contains commonly used words. This will make it easy to spell and remember. The Domain Brand needs to be short as well. The shorter the name, the easier to spell it. If it is long and complicated there is a chance that people may find it difficult to remember and also misspell it.

Another thing to consider while branding your domain is whether to use hyphens or not. Avoid using hyphens in your brand name if possible. The reason for this is, when people call out a domain name, they do not call out the hyphen in it as well. As a result, they might end up typing the domain name without the hyphen and it could lead to somebody elses website.

If you want your domain brand to be easily remembered, then put yourself in your customers shoes. Think what would be easy for you to remember and what would not.

A brand name would be easy to remember if it is visual in nature. Humans are visual learners. They would remember something easily if they can associate an image or picture with that name rather than a concept that has nothing visually associated to it.

Another thing to remember is to try and get something that your business sells into the domain brand name.

Like how it is important to know what to do to get a good domain brand name, it is also important to remember what to avoid in the process.

1.Avoid typos and intentional spelling mistakes in the name.

2.Avoid trademarks of other companies. This can get you into trouble and your website can be taken away from you.

3.Dont plan a business name until you have your domain brand name registered to you.

4.Dont get a domain name with a .net or a .org or any other extension if the .com is already booked.

5.Be careful when you spell out your domain brand. e.g. ‘therapist’ when you remove the spaces (domain names cannot have any spaces in them), has the exact same domain name spelling as ‘the rapist You need to take care with combinations of words which could mean different things when spelt with and without a hyphen

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