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Everything That You Need To Know About Cloud Networking

Everything That You Need To Know About Cloud Networking

Cloud networking is a technology that has instilled simplicity in the management of computing services while inducing cost savings. Though, networking here sums up two computing branches- resource and access networking. The term Network refers to the connection of IT elements that form data centers and then provides access to others to utilize the data and application existing in the data centers. In this form of networking, the applications, systems and data is managed in a cloud like virtual atmosphere. The cloud consists of dedicated or shared servers where one or many users can connect to take advantage of hosted services over the Internet respectively.

Amazon Apps, Google Apps and Microsoft are one of the most popular and recognized cloud services providers. You can see many facilities and cloud hosting services being initiated by Google such as web hosting, e-mail hosting, document management comprising sharing, editing and writing to name a few. You can also see that MS Word and Outlook powered by Microsoft now has online storage also and completely accessible over Internet. Similarly, if you dig down deeper you can find companies such as Rackspace and Fujitsu hosting services for businesses interested in taking private cloud space.

Most of the businesses prefer to take private web hosting services as they are concerned about the agility, scalability, security and performance issues that can come up along when they are sharing the same bandwidth, processing speed and storage space with their likes. Now, with the development of application and system suite, the issues have become baseless. Cloud networking has touched new levels of security and functionality with the advent of managed cloud services. As it is something new and recently developed, very few hosting providers are offering them. Businesses can choose to outsource hosting services as Infrastructure, platform and software. Companies do not have to pay flat for the services. Instead, they are paying as per the data usage.

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