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Features Of Cloud Computing

Features Of Cloud Computing

With time, the meaning of term ‘cloud computing’ has evolved. With the technology advancing to great levels, the features that the technology of cloud offers has also increased and improved. The term has now become common, especially among the IT professionals. It allows business firms to access their resources or data from a remote machine (set of servers or cloud) which is helpful in cutting one’s infrastructure costs. The access can be made anytime,from any place and any machine. The three basic features of this technology for which it can be trusted are:

Redundancy: Talk of any company that offers Cloud Hosting In Australia, and each of them would keep the data at their site redundant. Redundancy means to create replicas of data, so that in case of failed data retrieval at one site, it can be recovered from the duplicate site. This entails that a client need not worry about data loss, for there is always a back up with hosting companies.
Privacy: It is very difficult for one to leave one’s data in someone else’s site. However, companies that deal in cloud hosting in Australia ensure that the data remains private and confidential. To do this, such companies allow only the authenticated users to access the data. This is usually done by checking the assigned user name and passwords. Also, it is not just about authentication, the companies ensure authorization as well. That is, only a set of authorized users are allowed to access the data, and the rest all are denied access even if they are authenticated.
┬áSecurity: Cloud Data Security is ensured by these companies by using advanced techniques. Usually, service providers have large data centers where they deploy servers and other related infrastructure to store customer’s data. It is very important to keep such centers secure, which is actually done using techniques such as finger impression.

At the back end, that is cloud one can store any type of data. It can be a set of softwares as well, because cloud computing allows multiple users to access softwares from user’s machine without having a actual software installed at user’s machine. This reduces both the cost and efforts that are required to install softwares at each machine and even upgrade them as the new versions are available. With the cloud facility, a single update is required which can be used by scores of users through an interface or say a service, usually a web browser.

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