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Finding the Best YouTube Makeup Tutorials

Finding the Best YouTube Makeup Tutorials

Women cannot go out without putting on makeup. It is essential for them to look good, and looking good means wearing eye-shadows, mascara, facial foundation, blush-on, and lip color. While many women have a knack in giving themselves a glow, some don’t. Well, putting on makeup can be easy or difficult depending on whom you ask. Today there is no need to search fashion magazines to learn about how to properly put on makeup. With the best YouTube makeup tutorials available, any girl can look perfect for any occasion.

1.  For people on budget but still want a good look at the mirror, they can check out xteener’s videos. The YouTube user has simple video tutorials wherein she used only low-cost makeup. Her smoky eyes tutorial has the most clicks of all her how-to videos. Although there are lots of smoky eye tutorials on YouTube, hers is easy to follow.

2.  Speaking of eye makeup, you may be fascinated with dramatic eye makeup tutorials offered by jennissemakeup. She has various how-to guides on the video sharing site. Aside from makeup videos, she also uploaded product reviews, which may just interest you.

3.  There are various popular makeup tutorial channels on YouTube. One is MakeupByTiffanyD, where any girl can find simple makeup tutorials as well as stunning eye makeup guides. The instructions are quite simple to comprehend, and there are no crazy animations or distracting background music. Girls should probably check out a guide on putting on red lipstick.

4.  Everyone wants bright looking face. Jacqueline will show you how on her channel brilliantbrnette81. Many makeup tutorial channels on YouTube have videos on putting on eye shadow. This channel is not an exception.

5.  Many people who offer makeup tutorials on YouTube are women who just put makeup every day. But there are professional makeup artists, like makeupgeektv, who know the aesthetics behind makeup application. The good thing about her videos is that they are simple, and she has plain makeup tips that just enhance the natural look. Be warned that she uses MAC on her tutorial video clips, but you can always use your own makeup whatever brand it is.

6.  Sometimes you have to attend to costume or Halloween parties where creative makeup is necessary. Well, Michelle Phan has a special makeup tutorial video inspired by the movie Avatar. She also has tutorial on Barbie-inspired makeup. Aside from tutorials, she also has videos wherein she talks about beauty. The girl has a sweet voice which some viewers dislike.

7.  Panacea 81 is the girl to go on YouTube if you want unique makeup style. She does it her way and she’s good in it. She also does product reviews and recommends products for all girls out there.

8.  When you want sheer creativity, MissChievous’ channel is the place to go. The lady has a lot of creative makeup guides. She tries new things and that’s why she comes up with a lot of styles in makeup. Those curious about how Halloween makeup should look like must see her channel.

9.  Pursebuzz is another popular makeup guru. Aside from her makeup tutorials, she also provides fashion and hairstyle advice.

10.  Elle Fowler has her own channel, too. It’s called AllThatGlitters21, where you can see stuff about cosmetics and nail polish. Her how-to videos are generally for college girls.

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