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Garmin Adding New Features To Gps Line

Garmin Adding New Features To Gps Line

Garmin has been in the continuum for adding additional features to its existing GPS products line. With some of the most innovative features coming to the front, the proficiency of Garmin continues to rake the GPS world. Be it the expert navigation devices or the Bluetooth enabled devices; Garmin continues to stand as the stupendous name in the GPS industry.

The latest products from Garmin have all been known for their ultra-thin feature that makes them highly portable. Furthermore, Garmin has been incorporating the navigation devices with the nRoute technology, which enables the devices with speech recognition, photo navigation, lane assistance, as well as the 3-D viewing of the terrains. Furthermore, the other features that come along with nRoute include lifetime traffic monitoring, Bluetooth wireless system, preloaded maps; along with the navigation options that make the Garmin devices continue to be the best.

Traveling across a city, the one most common problem that a person faces is the horrendous traffic. It would be so much easy to know the routes to overlook along with their alternates. For this purpose, the GPS units from Garmin include lifetime traffic monitoring features integrated with FM broadcasts, MSN directs, or even through XM navTraffic technology that provides crystal clear information pertaining to weather through satellite broadcasts.

The nLink feature allows you to know about the local terrain much better than ever before. You will be able to have information pertaining to the area you are traveling within through in-built wireless technology. This feature helps you in searching for businesses, gas prices, as well as the current weather. Furthermore, you will also be able to use your social networking applications to keep your friends at bay. Moreover, in case you are wishing to catch a late movie, nLink brings forth the local theaters and their timings. You can check flight status, any of the upcoming local events, as well as the addresses of your acquaintances with the nLink feature of Garmin.

ecoRoute is considered as the best of all the applications introduced by Garmin. With the world crying foul over the environmental changes, the ecoRoute from Garmin helps you save money as well as the environment. You will be able to choose from among the most fuel-efficient routes, while also getting a detailed report about the fuel usage as well as the mileage. The POI Loader is the most efficient for travelers offering you to know about the key locations of interest such as that of restaurants and tourist destinations. You will be able to receive regular alerts every time you are within the loci range of a POI. It also becomes your own personal guide offering help with the historical sites and bus tours.

Given the current rate at which Garmin has been adding features to its collection, the future looks safe and bright for GPS and its complementary devices.

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