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Google Conquest Review

Google Conquest Review

A course created by Super Internet marketing guru Alex Goad is called The Google Conquest. As everyone knows, Alex Goad is the man behind the success of 4 award winning and record breaking products in the internet industry for the last year alone. His products that were top in the market was the Google payload, Four Tier Annihilation, Players with Money and the Affiliate Payload System.

Google Conquest Course and System is a complete online package suitable not only for internet expert marketers, but also for those who have no knowledge about online marketing. The way to your online business empire, what would you find in the system? See the list.

1. Members forum with high levels of activity

2. Forum with a Members area with more than100 hours of live webinar and training videos

3. One month training on regular video presentations

4. Available templates of high quality provided by WordPress . Review pre-sell templates, ready to upload and easy to edit and start earning

5. Ninety Day Challenge of hand held training. Demonstrating step by step how to build your own profitable business

6. Blog Automation Software and Creator. In a click you can manage, create and also promote blogs with quality contents and post it. Setting it up is easy as copy and paste and Over 1600 categorized high quality blogs ready to accept content with unique back links. Same service allows sourcing of free high quality content

7. High Quality Blogging Network getting you a link from over a thousand unique websites spread out over a hundreds of IP address for maximum high quality and juicy link.

8. Online 1 on 1 live support through Skype chat or voice

9.five complete products ready to upload and start earning money with all the tools needed

Lastly the Google Conquest Course and System is a complete all in one package that takes you by hand step by step guide how to make serious money online. And so much more you’ll find inside….

imad al johmani

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