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Hosting A Great Garden Party

Hosting A Great Garden Party

If you want your garden party to be remembered for all the right reasons, then a little bit of planning can go an incredibly long way. So where should you begin? Here are some handy hints and tips to get the ball rolling.

To begin with, you need to think about the guest list. This is more important than you might realise. If you get things wrong at this early stage, then you’re already heading for problems. If you have people who actively dislike each other, then the potential problems are fairly obvious.

You need to think about the group dynamic. What sort of atmosphere will be created? You can only control that atmosphere to a limited degree. If you simply have the wrong people at your party then you’re already heading for problems.

Think about the food! Again, it may seem obvious, but that’s only because it’s good advice! Food will be central to the success of the event, so think about the menu and whether you will be doing all the cooking. Some people like to ask each of their guests to bring a dish of food. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, but you should certainly give your guests plenty of notice.

It’s the same, of course, with drinks. Make sure that you’re clear and what you’ll all be drinking.

What about seating positions? This is particularly important if you have older guests, you’re intending on having a formal meal, or the ground is too wet for people to purchase on the grass. If you’re making use of a garden table and chairs, then do make sure that you have enough seating available for all guests.

If you run into problems, don’t forget that a simple beach chair is better than nothing. Most guests will be happy just to have somewhere to sit!

Have you thought about the weather too? It would be nice if this wasn’t something that you have to worry about, but you do need to be ready in case of any problems. Make sure that you have parasols, gazebos and umbrellas at the ready! If things are really bad, then it’s wise to ensure that you also have an alternative plan of action. Your guests won’t be happy if they’re getting drenched while trying to eat their lunches.

Give some consideration to timing too. Are you going to be sitting down at lunchtime, or maybe hosting an evening event? This may depend on your guests. Give some thought to those who may have children, for instance.

You’ll find that most people respond positively if they know that you’ve thought about their comfort levels. You may not get everything right, but it’s nice to demonstrate that you’ve tried to do so!

Consider using a picnic bench when eating outdoors, as discussed by Simon Barnett. This article may be used by any website publisher, though this resource box must always be included in full.

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