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Hosting Canada Conference Calls

Hosting Canada Conference Calls

Do you need to host conference calls for participants located in Canada? Whether you’re based in Canada or the U.S., hosting a Canada conference call allows your Canadian attendees to easily join. It all begins by choosing a conference call provider that offers a Canadian conference calling plan.

With such a plan, you’ll be able to host a teleconference accessible by people calling from Canada. In order to connect to the call, your callers will dial a toll free number. Some providers even offer US – Canada plans where you can have callers from both countries involved in the same call. For instance, your Canadian callers will dial a Canadian phone number while your U.S. attendees will call a conference call USA phone number. In either case, call forwarding is used to connect these callers to the central conference call.

With low per minute rates for U.S. and Canada toll free conference calls, you may be surprised at just how affordable these international calls can be. For example, if you hosted a 45-minute Canada conference call with ten attendees and your conference call provider charges 6.9 cents per minute, your total cost for the call would be $ 31.05. Compare that cost to the cost of holding a face-to-face meeting with partners scattered from coast to coast and you’ll quickly see the value of conference calling.

Who can participate in a Canada conference call? Just about anyone in Canada. However, it’s important to make sure that your conference call provider supports the provinces that your participants will be calling from. For example, if you have callers from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, it’s smart to double check that your provider supports those provinces. If a caller lives in an unsupported province, you may be able to use the conference call provider’s “dial out” feature to dial these attendees directly.

In fact, dial out features are useful even when the provinces are fully supported in that you can set up the conference to automatically dial certain numbers. For example, if you have a sales manager that’s chronically late to meetings, you may want to program that manager’s phone number into the conference calling utility (if dial out is available) and have the software dial the manager at the scheduled time. Dial out features are also useful for connecting international attendees whose countries have higher per minute rates.

Whether you need to host a U.S. or Canada conference call, USA and Canada rates for toll free conference calls can be found at extremely competitive prices. Consider conference calling instead of face-to-face meetings and reap the rewards.

American International Telephonics offers cost-effective Canada calling plans loaded with useful features including MP3 recordings, superb audio quality, online account management, and options for U.S. toll free access. In addition, the Canada conference call plans are available on a no contract basis with no minimum usage requirements or minimum fees.

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