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Hosting the Perfect Raffle

Hosting the Perfect Raffle

If you own or help manage a charity or fundraiser, hosting a raffle is a cheap and easy way to gain funds for your cause. This relatively cheap method is well known and is very popular especially at themed events. As with any charity event, there is a small risk that the money generated will not return a sufficient investment on the money spent. Very rarely, a poorly managed fundraiser can lose money, potentially ending the cause. Not to worry though, with some up front knowledge and a little planning, your raffle can soar.

The first step in hosting a raffle is to get your supplies. Traditional raffles have a prize or series of prizes and are given out after a random drawing once the tickets have been sold. Try picking prizes that would be beneficial or fun to a wide audience. Alternatively, if your cause has a unique target group, having related prizes can be a great idea. For example, selling tickets for flat panel televisions might be great for normal events, but at a motorcycle rally, the appeal would be much lower – and how would they carry it home! Think ahead and aim to sell. Another tested method is the 50/50 raffle, where the winner collects 50% of the total money collected. This is an easy and popular method for on the spot raffles.

Next you must get the tickets. If you are trying to sell tickets to strangers, custom printed raffle tickets give you a professional look. There have been raffle scams in the past so if your organization is not a household name, it is important to instill trust into the buyer. Having your charity’s name, address, contact information, and drawing date and location is crucial information any potential winner will want to know. As far as design goes, there are over 10 different colors you can choose from, and customizing is as easy as typing.

Now it’s time to sell. Get a group of friends together and hit the crowds. Offer cheap tickets, and the ability to buy in bulk for a discount. When you are giving away a set amount of prizes regardless of how many people participate, there is no down side for selling as many raffle tickets as you can. Get involved with the audience, and try to have them sympathize with your cause. Approach groups, as giving to charity is contagious. Having a booth that promotes the values and responsibilities of your charity may help public interest and you might even be able to add a few followers.

When it is draw time, make it fun! Live draws work best, and some contests even require the party to be present to win; just make sure the contestants know this prior to purchase. Thank everyone for their assistance and explain what the raised funds will go towards. After the winners have been picked, distribute the prizes quickly and correctly. A smooth raffle with set your charity up for future events and with a trusted background, you can expect even more success!

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