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Hosting Yet Another Website?

Hosting Yet Another Website?


There are times when large companies feel the need to have more than one website to advertise their offerings and reach out to their customers. In such cases, there are few options ahead of them. One such option is to have several domain names registered on a given hosting account. The technology behind hosting business has evolved to an extent that all this and more can be achieved in a matter of few minutes. And guess what? Businesses don’t have to pay extra for getting extra domains registered in their account.

Upon having a FTP account and the suitable instructions from the service provider, you’re almost ready to have a domain of your own. However, to access the website you need to get the files present in the sub-folder of your domain. This is in turn located within the root folder of your current site. An alternative option is available if you have a control panel at your disposal. With this feature you can easily follow the instructions from your domain registrar and the webhost. Within a span of few more hours, your new website will be alive and kicking on the internet. If your web host offers you with features like unlimited bandwidth and space then it is possible to use extra bandwidth for your new website, so that the second website doesn’t get affected once the first one is offered with the bandwidth.

It is also possible to offer some of your domains to other businesses for a fee. But this procedure has a drawback in that it is not possible to control the websites should anything go wrong unexpectedly. Instead of this, few business owners prefer opting reseller hosting packages as they’re exclusively designed to meet these needs.  Unlimited domain hosting services are offered by many companies these days. You can have websites set up with as little as $ 8 in your pocket. However, the cost of setting up the websites can go up depending upon the features you would like to have in them.

With multiple domain hosting packages it is possible to have several domains registered. So in other words, you can bring an existing domain to life if it was unused for a long time. The best part with these packages is that there is no extra cost involved in opting for an extra domain. For large business owners, this is a suitable package without any doubt. 


It is not a viable proposition to have several hosting packages, particularly when you have several websites to look after. In such cases, having multiple domains packages will help you out instantly. For those interested in making a buck or two by selling a part of their web space, reseller web hosting provides ample opportunities. 

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