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How Businesses Use Cloud Computing Effectively

How Businesses Use Cloud Computing Effectively


Document Storage

A document storage service is probably one of the most basic of cloud computing services which allows businesses and individuals to edit, save and modify their files which are stored on the cloud. The majority of cloud services allow you to edit and store .PDFs, Word files, audio files, and spreadsheets. All files stored on the cloud can be accessed by any internet enabled computer by entering a username and password (similar to how a web based email works). On average you can expect to get one gigabyte of storage to begin with. If more space is needed then your business will have to purchase additional amount of space. There are established services out there, such as dropbox and other ones will be released by companies such as Google. 

Website hosting

Many businesses have switched from traditional website hosting to “cloud hosting” which allows the website to operate from multiple servers simultaneously. The advantage for businesses is that they can scale up or scale down the bandwidth they have as they require. Also cloud hosting tends to be more cost effective than having a dedicated server host a business website. However, there tends to be inherent security risks with cloud hosting.

Accounts and billing

If you need to keep track of your business’s invoices, employee hours, and expense then one really cheap solution is to use a cloud hosted accounting system. A cloud based accounting system will allow users to access the service from virtually any internet enabled computer. Many of the newer cloud based accounting services also offer features that allow you to track your time, and monitor exactly when and how your clients are paying your invoices.

Project management

If you find yourself managing a team of people who frequently require files to be uploaded to the system for editing and feedback, then it makes sense to use a cloud based project management system. This type of system is especially good if you have employees that are working remotely or have to travel for business but need to work at the same time or manage a team of freelance contractors. Such systems make file sharing and message sending to groups easy and straight forward. Basecamp has been around for a while, and new task list managers like Wunderlist are very effective when on the move. 

Web analytics

You can probably manage much of your basic tracking via your own server logs pertaining to who is visiting your website but that is just about it. Web analytics systems hosted on a cloud has many more features and advanced solutions for parsing your data. Today you can also find a number of free analytics options which will allow you to track the browser type, referrer link, country and even the conversion rate of your sales page. If you want to get more features such as real time reporting which lets you track what users are looking at on your website then these features can be purchased for a small fee. 

These are just some of the areas that businesses are using cloud services effectively to help their businesses. I hope you find out more about cloud computing, and how it can assist your business. 


I run a few finance websites but work as a financial advisor. I have been a chartered accountant for some time now I wish to help others manage their money better and avoid debt. I manage my business using cloud based software, which I can access from anywhere in the world.. I intereact with clients using this software can can demonstrate it in a meeting or remotely. It has revolutionized the way in which I and other businessmen work. I recommend using an IT Support company for larger remote networks of workers, who can securely connect you all in the right manner. 

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