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How do I modify accounts in WHM of my cPanel?

How do I modify accounts in WHM of my cPanel?

The ability to modify accounts in WHM of the cPanel is good for you when you want to change the features of your plans that are created by the dedicated hosting server space of yours.

For this you the first thing that you need to do is to login to WHM. In the first page of WHM, you need to click on the tab “Account Functions” and there select the “Modify an Account”. You will be directed to the “Modify an Account” page. Here you can do the following tasks such as changing the Account Properties. Thus here you can enter a new username in the Username field. However, the usernames of Resellers cannot be changed. However, it is better that you keep the username shorter or of the same length as the old one was, otherwise it might create problems. In the Account owner field select the name of a new owner if you wish. The Reseller privileges button would allow you to select whether your account should have the reseller privileges.

Enter the name of a new primary domain in the text field of Primary Domain. In the Default Locale field choose the language of the account. The cPanel Theme would help you change the theme by selecting a new one from the drop down menu.
In the Account Limits section you can enter the maximum number of email addresses that can be created by the account, also select the maximum number of FTP accounts that can be created by you. The maximum number of mailing lists, that your account can handle, also can be modified from here. The Note option enables you set the same limit for every domain on the account.

The Account Privileges option would allow you to provide access to a privilege. You can have the CGI Privilege and the Shell Access. The former one would help your account to serve CGI files and the second one would enable you access the server via SSH.

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