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How does domain name registration work?

How does domain name registration work?

Over the last few years a gazillion websites and web pages supporting different applications have sprung up over the internet serving different causes. A plethora of websites each with their own unique name and IP address have been hosted on the internet and cater to different needs and services. If you have ever uploaded or created your own website, you probably had to register a domain name with a web hosting company. Registering a domain name ensures that your website has a label unique to its area of operation which can be used to identify its IP address.

Domain name registration is the first step that needs to be undertaken by anybody opting to upload his website on the internet via a web hosting company. The domain name is a label used to define an administrative area on the Internet. It also used to identify an Internet Protocol resource such as a website. They are used for solving various network labeling problems and for distinguishing websites on the basis of applications and services. They are arranged in a hierarchy for classification purposed. The DNS root domain is the highest. Top-level generic domains such as .com, .org, .net along with country code domains such as .uk, .in, etc. constitute the first level. The second and third levels are reserved for users who connect LAN’s to the web, host other public internet resources or manage websites. Domain registration also helps websites to get easy and memorable names as compared to numeric IP addresses.

The domain name registration is usually controlled by registrars such as web hosting companies. These companies buy domain names in bulk to provide numerous options to customers looking for web hosting options and charge a minimal fee for registration. This fee varies across the market and across various web hosting sites due to competitive pricing between the large numbers of hosting sites on the net. Such a registrar first consults with the DNS or the Domain Name Server to check if your domain registration is possible. The DNS is basically a database of all domain names on the internet and the allocation of a label to a website is subjected to its availability. Availability may be compromised if a website with the same name already exists or if the domain name is one of the few names that cannot be registered. If the name is available the web hosting company will grant you your domain name and you can upload your website with that name.

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