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How is WordPress better than Joomla!?!?

How is WordPress better than Joomla!?!?

The web world is talking about blogging and Web 2.0 these days. Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Wiki and Community Building are the buzzwords these days. While one can easily start a personal or professional blog (photoblog, reviews, videoblog & portfolios) using the WordPress, Joomla provides you the facility of not just blogging but also extensibility. While WordPress can be extended using only plugins and Joomla provides three levels of extensibility with the help of plugins, modules and components, this article tries to explore how and why WordPress is better than Joomla. Here are a few reasons why:

Easy to install: Being an open source software both of WordPress and Joomla are available for free downloads but the real difference lies in the fact that a free blog can be set up on but Joomla doesn’t provide such facility. Most of the people who have already set up a blog on will remember that it hardly takes 1-2 steps to install WordPress. But, if you are installing WordPress afresh without using Fantastico or One Click Install it may take one more step. So, it takes a maximum of 3 steps to install WordPress while Joomla takes around seven steps to be installed and is more complex to install than a WordPress installation.

Easy to use: As portrayed out in the above point, more people are accustomed to using WordPress as they have tried it on website and WordPress has a simple interface. Some people blame it on the less functionalities that are available with WordPress than Joomla but since WordPress came as a very simple blogging tool and slowly & gradually graduated to a complete blogging platform, people understood each of its intricacies as and when the versions were made available. But if we see Joomla, it came as a fork to Mambo equipped with much functionalities. The techies know that it’s even lesser but for the real users, Joomla is hard to use when compared with WordPress.

Customization: In terms of extending the capabilities of a WordPress or a Joomla installation, Joomla seems to be the clear winner. Joomla provides three levels of customization of its current capacities – plugins (trigger events), modules (page rendering) and components (new functionality). Each of the extensions of Joomla has its unique usage and one type of extension can’t overrule the functionality provided by another extension. While Joomla has been extended to every level by now (corporate website, blogs, networking, e-commerce, groups, etc.), WordPress is taken as a CMS with BuddyPress being its subordinate for creating group websites.

Theming: Both of WordPress and Joomla CMSes can be designed to fit your requirements. The designing of these CMSes is accomplished in their respective ways and there are developers who change the HTML pages into themes and templates which are suited for WordPress and Joomla.

Search Engine Optimization: Even if the URLs of WordPress are not search engine friendly, only one variable is passed in each of the pages which make them more search engine friendly as compared to Joomla URLs in which at least 4 variables are passed for a page to be displayed. The URLs of WordPress can easily be memorized.


Sudhanshu Mittal is a geek and emerging technology & Web 2.0 freak. Sudhanshu writes at and tweets at When he his not writing, Sudhanshu likes to swim, play chess, minesweeper or tennis and travel to the Himalayas.

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