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How Long Does it Take to Install a Deer Fence?

How Long Does it Take to Install a Deer Fence?

Installing a deer fence can be done by one person, but two working together certainly makes the job go easier. The new fencing materials are lightweight with a 330 foot roll of 7.5 foot high fence only weighing 47 pounds. This makes rolls of fencing easy to carry to the installation site and install. The posts are made of metal and are hand driven into the ground with a post driver. No holes need to be dug.

Trees can be used on a property to secure the fence to. This may require altering an intended path, but even small trees will make excellent supports for the fence fabric. Posts are better suited to keep fence runs in straight lines and turns at right angles as well as protecting trees on the property from any damage. Paths of fencing can lead up to the rear of some large buildings that will act as a natural barrier making less fencing needed. Use a bit of ingenuity to keep the deer out of key areas while allowing access to other areas.

A two person team using a post driver and metal posts can install hundreds of feet of deer fence in just a few hours. Of course, it depends on how rough the terrain is as well as if the ground is very rocky which might slow down post installation. The most time consuming part of the job is driving the metal posts into the ground. The fence fabric unrolls and is easily attached to the posts.

Some who plan on doing all the work alone take the approach of installing a deer fence in segments. They will haul the materials to the location where the fence will go and will then return periodically to drive fence posts into the ground. After all the posts are in place, they install the deer fencing material a roll at a time until the job is done. Some have only a need of a deer fence in livestock feeding areas and feed storage areas. Small runs on ground that is already cleared of rocks and trees is much easier to install because the posts go up faster.

Installing a deer fence is one of the easiest tasks a property owner will do. The benefits far outweigh the labor and time needed to get the job done. There will be no more feed loss, tick control, disease control, and no more damage from rutting bucks. Order a deer fence kit and secure your property against the risks and damage of wild deer.


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