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How to go about Domain Registration

How to go about Domain Registration

If you are not new to web industry then you would have across the term domain name a number of times before. But what exactly these names are and why do you need them is the thing that we will be discussing today. Domain names are identification tags that symbolize presence on the internet. These names are web addresses that a user types on the address bar to look for any information.

Domain Name Registration is the most important step in securing a website. In fact a user should think of Domain Registration before thinking of a website. A registered domain becomes an exclusive identification symbol for its user. By registering a domain name, a user forbids its use by any other party. A user needs to do certain level of planning before he / she goes about the registration process. He / she needs to come up with an attractive name that easier for people to recall and is also search engine friendly. You would not want a name that would be too lengthy or confusing or even difficult for others to remember. Once a user has chosen several domain names, he / she need to check their availability. This is because, at times the name that has been picked by the user is already registered with some other party.

A domain name is always followed by a GTLD. These can also be commonly called as extensions. Some of the popular GTLDs are .com, .in, .org, .net, .biz and others. A domain name serves a number of purposes, especially for businesses. This is because any company that has its own customized domain name is likely to lure more customers than ones without it. Another benefit is that a business that has its own personal website, for example, will give its business a more professional look. Domain Registration also enables businesses to have personal email ids for sending and receiving mails.

To register a domain name, an organization needs to look for an ICANN certified Domain Name Registration company that offers affordable registration services. A domain name is usually registered for a minimum one year and a maximum for ten years. Once the ten year period is over, the domain name needs to be renewed.  A user just needs to ensure that the domain registrar is a reputed company and the name that has been picked by user is a unique name that is easy to remember.

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