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How to make your own website for free

How to make your own website for free

Nowadays it is very important that you learn how to make your own website for next to nothing. Getting website for low cost and with speed is critically important if you want to challenge with the many websites only and make a decent living out of it.
So how can you make your own website without having to pay for the web programming and design thus saving a ton of expenses in the process? You can do it by just setting up an affordable hosting package and use the many free resources online such as OpenOffice, WordPress and others to design it. If you do not know what the steps are to make your own website, just follow the ones below.
1. Before you make your own website, you need to get an affordable web hosting package ideally from a good website hosting company. There are many companies offering this service so just do some research and choose one online. As a start, get a shared website hosting package rather than a dedicated one so that the cost is more manageable. A shared plan just means that you share the server space with other users. This should still be sufficient when you are just starting out.
2. Once you have signed up for the hosting plan, the company will usually allow you to register your domain for free. This will save you the annual domain fee of around $ 10.
3. When you have registered the domain, install WordPress on it. WordPress is a website or blog creator which is fully customizable and powerful. There are loads of free skins, plugins and themes that will allow you to make your own website that you want. It is basically sharing what others have done and using it on your website.
Once you have completed all three steps, you have everything in place to make your own website. If you have another idea and want to quickly create a website, the cost will just be the additional domain name and probably an add on to the web hosting package. If you plan to add on many more websites in the future, make sure you have a web hosting package that does not cost a bomb should you need to increase the capacity of your package. Look for the word “unlimited’ in the company’s packages and you should be on the right track. Website hosting companies offered unlimited packages on bandwidth domains, email accounts and most important server space.
If you have such unlimited domains or packages, then you can create as many websites as you want in the future without adding on to the cost. You also do not have to worry about your website crashing due to lack of memory of bandwidth space. You can put is as much content as your like because the memory and server space is unlimited in an unlimited web hosting package. Now that you have everything you need to make you own website, just go ahead and try it.

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