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Importance of Domain Name Registration

Importance of Domain Name Registration


Domain Registration is known as one of the most critical steps in setting up an identity on the internet. But before we go further about discussing why it is considered as an important process, we need to discuss what exactly it is and what benefits do businesses have with this. A domain name is a name by which your presence is recognized on the internet. It is considered very vital to create an accurate domain name for your business. The Domain Name Registration process officially provides you with a URL address that will be exclusively yours and no one else will be able to use it. Individuals who will enter your domain name in the address bar of search engine will get directed towards your website.

A business that has a website of its own gives it a more professional look than ones without it. As an online marketer you need to have a website and this where a domain name helps an online marketer.

Selecting a right name and registering it for your website is considered as the most crucial step for companies aiming to roll out a new website. So what makes an effective domain name? The domain name should not be very lengthy as you would not want your clients to forget the name of the website. The domain name should be related to the product or service you are offering rather than just a generic name. For example a company that offers real estate services, should incorporate some words in the domain that are related to real estate services.

Once the domain name has been selected the next step is to check its availability. Most domain registrars provide its customers with this facility. A user can simply check the availability of the domain on the domain registrar’s website. Once the availability of the domain is checked the domain is ready to be registered. A registered domain forbids its use by any other party.

A domain name is registered for a minimum duration of one year and a maximum period of 10 years. The domain owner can also go ahead and renew the registration after a period of 10 years. These domain names not only serve businesses with establishing a new website, it also helps them to have a personalized web mail account. Hence it is rightly said that registering a domain name is first and foremost step needed to set up an identity on the Internet.


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How To Register A Domain Name

The first step to setting up a website on your own server is to register a domain name. This video shows you how to register a domain name on
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