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Important Features of Shared cPanel Hosting

Important Features of Shared cPanel Hosting

Shared cPanel hosting like any other web hosting comes with many features, benefits and limitations. Therefore, it is necessary to acquaint yourself with the latest terms and trends especially when you are looking for a new hosting plan. You should also take time to understand some of the terms that are abbreviated such as FTP, which stands for File Transfer Protocol. The main features that you should look for in your hosting plan include:


This is a control panel, which gives access to other features of your hosting plan. The feature contains other important advanced features such as Web Host Manager (WHM), which is vital for resellers. When looking for a hosting plan, you should consider the flexibility and features that are accessible in cPanel. This is because some providers offer superior controls while others allow customization through plugins and extensions.


This term defines the action of adding your domain to your hosting package. When looking for a hosting plan, you should consider the limitations involved such as the number of domains you can attach. Buying a hosting plan that allows several add-on-domains is cost effective especially when you have several websites. This is because you would use all your websites on the same account. However, you should note that all your websites would have the same client account.

Sub Domain

You create this domain on an already existing domain. This feature is very important when you want to give different sections of your website unique identity with unique top-level address. The address is however associated to your main website with a TLD domain.


This feature allows automatic installation of certain scripts. It enables you to install scripts on your website without any technical knowledge. This feature comes in either paid or free version depending on your hosting plan. Choosing a cPanel hosting plan with free Fantastico feature would save you money but you should consider the limitations.

Server Side Scripting Languages

These languages need a specific program on the server to run. They usually handle complex activities such as database update, adding and removing database. They also handle other tasks like displaying current dates on a website and sending automatic emails. When subscribing to a hosting plan, you should consider the tasks supported by the language.

MYSQL Databases

You should ensure the program is supported by your shared cPanel hosting plan together with a supportive scripting language. When selecting a hosting plan, it is beneficial to look for plans that support free database management tools.

POP3/SMTP Email Accounts

You should consider a shared cPanel hosting plan that supports creation of email accounts under any name on your domain. POP3 is the popular program that is used in retrieving email while SMTP is the common program used to send emails.

Spam Assassin

This is a spam-filtering server. You should understand that in your email, you would be receiving several spams and thus, it is necessary to ensure the account is fitted with a spam filter.

Auto Responders

It is necessary to ensure your email accounts are fitted with an auto responder to inform the sender once their messages are received.

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