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Instant Pain Remedies Found at Home

Instant Pain Remedies Found at Home

It has been reported that nearly 40 million Americans suffers from chronic pain which widely affects their quality of life. Either you have an autoimmune disease of fibromyalgia, strained your muscles due to long hours of work or you suffer from chronic join inflammation, there are many DIY pain relief remedies that you can do at home or at your workplace.

Check out these tips for instant relief from your excruciating pain.

Music Therapy

Many of us especially the elderly are having difficulties falling asleep because of their back aches and pains. A good solution to help you soothe your discomfort before going to bed is to listen to music. Research shows that both men and women who suffers from chronic back pain and listened to music are reported to decrease their pain discomfort for up to 50 percent!

Spiking the volume of your MP3 player and listening to good music can help distract your mind with something soothing and calming rather than focusing on your growing pains.

Warm Bath or Shower

A stressful day at work and prolonged gym sessions can wear your muscles out resulting to muscle strain and aches. It’s best to hit the shower or take a nice warm bath to help soothe your muscles. Adding Epsom salt to your bath can help reduce muscle contraction because of its magnesium contents that reduces muscle contractions that often leads to pain.

The Touch Therapy

Muscle pain as the number one most complained discomfort felt can be instantly relieved by applying acupressure or light massage to the affected tender area.

Massaging stressed muscles and body parts with mentholated ointment, eucalyptus or with camphor can greatly help reduce pain and help soothe your muscles.

Being Physically Active

Surprising as it sound, being fit and physically active can help improve one’s pain threshold. You don’t need to get yourself enrolled in a strenuous sport like basketball or swimming, doing tai chi, yoga and a couple of stretches per day at your very own home promotes joint and muscle relaxation that greatly helps to reduce pain.

Deep Breathing Exercises

Ever wonder why women during labour are thought how to do pursed-lip deep breathing? It is because doing deep breathing exercises can help them stay focused and blow away severe pain they are feeling while delivering their babies.

Using deep breaths comes in very handy in several stressful situations as well. Our breath is a mere reflection of our state of excitement and relaxation. If you’re tensed or in pain, doing a couple of deep breaths can help tone down your discomfort and allows your mind and body to stay relaxed as well.

Warm and cold compresses

Alternatively applying warm and cold compresses on the sore area can give instant relief from pain, tenderness and flushes. Apply warm compress first then press firmly on the affected area for about 15 minutes. After which, you can then apply cold compress to the affected area.

Managing pain and inflammation can be done anywhere! Either you’re at home, at work, school or at the mall, you just need to find a place where you can sit down and do any of the above techniques.

The author informs everyone that there are instant pain remedies that you can do at home that can give instant relief from pain. If you suffer from any kind of pain and inflammation and it affects your quality of life, make sure to visit us online and sign up to our newsletters at to learn how you can overcome pain and put it to an end.

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