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Maintained API Allows for Silverlight Creator to be able to Showcase Interface within Host Website Page

Maintained API Allows for Silverlight Creator to be able to Showcase Interface within Host Website Page

You will find kinds of Silverlight application models that Silverlight developers in UK are able to use to successfully conduct Silverlight development properly. Through the use of the application models, it is possible to deliver simple, complex and extensible programs. These programs then share the resources all over the network. The 1st model is the managed API for Silverlight which exploits program code running for the common language runtime (CLR) for Silverlight. The developers can use the managed API having compiled languages most notably Visual Basic and C# or even dynamic languages that include IronPython and IronRuby.

The second model is the JavaScript API for Silverlight which make use of JavaScript code interpreted by the web browser. Many of the Silverlight documents uses managed API which contains more features to offer when compared to JavaScript API.  lightweight version of the .NET framework can be utilized by programs utilizing Managed API. JavaScript API based applications can utilize just the Silverlight presentation core and also the browser JavaScript engine.

It is the managed API that lets  Silverlight developer in UK to bundle managed assemblies along with resource data files into app package (.xap) files. Application package could be loaded and contents could be taken by the Silverlight plug-in.

It is crucial that application package posseses an assembly which has a class extracted from the application. The Application class consists of  interaction within the application and the Silverlight plug-in. User interface inside host web page can be shown with the Application class. Additionally it provides you with application lifetime events in addition to resource management.

Developers incorporate the use of XAML markup to encompass user interface layouts within both the managed API and also the JavaScript API. The developers by using the managed API can include the application code into multiple XAML files using code-behind files. When XAML files get loaded with help from Silverlight plug-in, here occurs an object tree which can be controlled by way of code-behind. This code in addition assists manipulation of the HTML Document Object Model (DOM) through the HTML Bridge.

There’s only a single XAML page that gets loaded in  JavaScript API and not an app package. This XAML consists of URI references to server-side resources just like images along with videos. An object tree is produced by way of this XAML that can be controlled by way of JavaScript in the host HTML page.

The complicated applications that includes internal site navigation may not be assisted by the application model provided by the JavaScript API. Even so, in some instances like splash screens, it is always advocated to make use of this app model rather than Managed API that might prove a bit bothersome. The execution of basic navigation by  Silverlight developer in UK can be accomplished by loading new XAML pages into the Silverlight plug-in or just by loading new Web pages into the browser.With a purpose to integrate Silverlight when using the HTML Document Object Model, both managed API and JavaScript API for silverlight could be leveraged to utilise JavaScript in the host Html code page.

Silverlight developer  need to use browser-interpreted JavaScript which can work together directly with  DOM to help implement most of the developer app functionality. The Managed API with the aid of the HTML Bridge aids interaction of JavaScript and DOM with the Silverlight plug-in and the application model.

So, these two programming models are different given that they cannot be utilized together in a single instance of Silverlight plug-in. Nevertheless, when the application has loaded,  splash screen could be implemented which controls JavaScript API and then moves to managed API.

The author is an independent Silverlight developer. He has vast practical experience of silverlight development because he worked together with several Silverlight development companies. She prolifically writes on the subject of Silverlight developers in various magazines.

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