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Make Use Of A Web Site Builder To Develop Your Website

Make Use Of A Web Site Builder To Develop Your Website

But why spend the countless hours learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and the remaining gamut of computer lingo and jargon to build what could be constructed in a matter of hours? Why not use a website builder to build a website?


No, that is not Swedish. TANSTAAFL is an economic-speak acronym for, “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.” In the mathematically-ruled world of John Maynard Keyes, Adam Smith and David Hume, nothing is free. Thankfully, many website builders disagree. There are myriads of website hosts offering free or low-cost website building services, albeit with file upload, bandwidth, e-commerce capabilities and customization limitations. Snatching the “Free” coupon may relegate the website to a sub domain (e.g., but that is not too high of a price to pay for a free website.


Crafting a consumer-centric, navigable, aesthetically-pleasing web site is a chore. Why spend the time to build a website, learning geeky computer markup and scripting languages, when a simple drag-and-drop interface can shoulder the burden? Most builders are designed for the newbies, those without excessive computer or internet literacy, and require little or no programming expertise. However, some do offer limited programming customization, mainly for the HTML and CSS codes. Regardless of computer background, anyone can build a website with a website builder.

Get Professional Quality for an Amateur Price

Most website builders operate by allowing users to customize a pre-designed template. These templates are often fashioned by recognized and renowned designers, specifically tailored to create an easily navigable and graphically exciting website.

Take advantage of their talent without paying the premium price for it by using a website builder.

Time Is Money

Creating a website from scratch, that is, writing code, can take weeks. That?s right: weeks. Many business owners don?t have weeks. They have minutes, and if they are lucky, a few hours. And a few hours is all the time that will be needed to build a website with a website builder. While writing quality content will require bit more dedication, the functioning skeleton of a website can be intact within a very short time.

Simple Maintenance and Upkeep

Need to add a quote? Change a price? Combine paragraphs? Site maintenance and upkeep is quite simple with a website builder.

Embedding multimedia elements (promotional videos, PPC advertisements, affiliate marketing links, etc.) can be a harrying task when embedding the elements directly into code. A website builder makes this process much simpler, such as a two-step file uploading system. Don’t pay someone else an inordinate fee to merely change fonts and adds text blurbs — do it yourself.

Tired of Paying the Pros?

Generally, simple or static sites do not require professional services. For the run-of-the-mill small business, community organization or local church, a website builder can provide all the needed amenities. This can save quite a few expensive Benjamins. Professionally-designed websites rarely run less than $ 500, and oftentimes run up to $ 5,000. That?s quite a bit of pennies saved, and quite a few earned.

Eager to build a website? Do it the right way. Use an easy-to-use website builder and give customers a navigable, user-friendly, beautiful website with only a few dollars and ? dare we say? ? no hassle.Jen Silva is a contributor and specialist of small business software and products. Please visit for more info on creating a website online.

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