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Managed Application Hosting

Managed Application Hosting

The term managed application hosting describes the services that address the performance and scalability issues which arise at the system level during the deployment of the application. Managed application hosting proves to be a profitable answer for companies who are seeking to access new business processes quickly and cost effectively with the help of the internet as a medium. It is able to provide robust and reliable solutions, allowing organisations to run their web-applications and websites smoothly. Managed application hosting also allows businesses to share and access important business data, applications, and files of the organisation from almost anywhere around the world 24/7 with the help of a PC with internet access.


Managed application hosting empowers a business to take advantage of leading business specific applications such as CRM, CMS, ecommerce and others, that can help to reduce your work load and increase the business efficiencies. This further allows the organisation to increase their customer base, along with boosting customer satisfaction with reduced infrastructure costs and overall increased return on investment. In fact, the organisation can benefit from state-of-the-art e-business infrastructure and application expertise which allows keeping the complex business operations up and running smoothly and dependably. This is as a result of managed application hosting which manages the technical part of your business applications.


Managed application hosting requires in-depth technical knowledge and expertise, along with support to ensure success.  There are few professional companies in Australia or around the world who can offer quality services in managed application hosting, which provide you safe, secure, robust, quality and uninterrupted services, ensuring that your business processes are running smoothly and without any technical or security problems. Some of the major advantages of managed application hosting include:


Low Maintenance:  the hardware and software issues are managed by the Hosting organisation so you don’t have to worry about it.
Reduced Cost: There are no “up-front” licensing fees.  You only require ‘per user’ licences which gives you the flexibility of only paying for what you use.
Availability of different model:  Managed application hosting service is also available in different models and variants based on the organisation requirements; however the investment on the hardware, software, and security, along with backup as well as server maintenance cost are covered by the service provider.

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