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PMP Certification: a need or a fad

PMP Certification: a need or a fad

Organizations in the current scenario fails to deliver the desired project outcomes . The inability to deliver projects not only weakens market position, lowers customer service, but also impedes cost-containment and much more. More often than not, the generic view is that the problem lies entirely with the project managers only, but the fact is that the foremost reason for project failure is the organizations inability to foresee and deliver business value on time and on budget from their projects. Moreover, apart from the project manager’s contribution, a successful project requires solid foundation performance from the team members, sponsors, and portfolio managers.

It’s a well established fact that the project outcome always rests on the head of a Project Manager as he is responsible for initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the project. Project management is a full time job requiring full focus, control and complete view of the future of a project. Consequently, project manager needs to be to be well adept with the concepts and principles of project management along with the best practices in the field. Nowadays project managers across the world keeping in view the growing project complexities, are looking to acquire the required competencies so that the desired skill set to manage the project efficiently is obtained.

PMP® certification from PMI, USA is amongst the most popular mediums through which project managers can escalate their career to a newer height. This certification not only addresses the requirements of project managers in project integration, quality, cost, human resources, risk and time but importantly builds up skills in communication management too. In India, for PMP® Certification, AstroWix is a Registered Education Provider of PMI providing PMP® Certification Preparation to help professionals get the PMP® Certification, USA.

An important pre-requisite to attain PMP® certification is preparation training. PMP® certification training ensures that the aspirants are well equipped with the basic knowledge areas to take the exam. AstroWix’s PMP training Delhi provides the project professionals in the capital region, the essential aptitude to manage more intricate projects with ease. New Delhi the capital city of India is not only the seat for government of India but is increasingly being established as the most prominent industry center. The city has witnessed tremendous growth and development which is widespread across all industries.

PMP® certification Pune gives an excellent opportunity to the professionals of this growing city to ensure that their growth rate is increasing. PMP® certification requires rigorous training and preparation. AstroWix with its years of experience in the field Project Management assists professionals in preparing them to identify their strengths & weaknesses and improve their various skills that are required for successful passing the PMP® certification exam. AstroWix is one of the few recognized names to help candidates for PMP® certification preparation with a pass success rate of 100%, which is far above the average. Individuals who pass this certification find the Project Management skills effective to execute projects and effectively communicate with all stakeholders.

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