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Reseller Web Hosting Services Information

Reseller Web Hosting Services Information

There are two parts to a discussion centered on reseller web hosting. There are two different and distinct types of customers in the reseller hosting market. To accommodate these customers there are two types of hosting service plans. The owner of a web hosting company is one of those customers, and the other is the customer who owns multiple websites, but doesnt have the time on hand to keep up with multiple hosting plans.

The first customer is one who is looking for a turn-key business, or a franchise broken off of the parent hosting company. The parent hosting service provider is the one offering server space for resale purposes. In the case of the parent company, they maintain a data center consisting of web servers with which they offer resellers server space, which they turn and sell to business owners who want to have their website online and conduct an online business. The reseller web hosting provider in turn avoids the cost of the overhead associated with running and maintaining a data center and the web servers, while still being able to provide hosting services. It also allows them to concentrate on growing a customer base, which in time may lead them to purchasing their own servers, and building a data center to expand their own business.

The second customer, the individual business owner, is looking for a hosting plan that allows for, in some cases, the hosting of several domain names in which the majority point to one domain that actually contains the live website. These plans are often referred to as a multi-domain account. In some cases each domain name may have its own website associated with it pertaining to the different brands, products or services the company offers to customers. Multiple domain accounts can be less expensive than some others provided by reseller web hosting companies. These accounts are essentially shared hosting accounts.

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