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Shared Web Hosting Or Dedicated Hosting?

Shared Web Hosting Or Dedicated Hosting?

If you are trying to decide whether or not you should pay for a dedicated server or if a shared hosting package would work for you, there are a variety of pros and cons to consider when coming to a decision that will best suit your needs. However, you can’t come to an educated conclusion without being educated first.

There are many pros when it comes to using a dedicated web hosting server, especially if you have an online business or an important website. A dedicated server is when your website (and data) is the ONLY thing stored on that server. A server is basically a computer that is designed to store information such as your website, or critical data for businesses. The only situation where dedicated hosting would be a bad thing, would be if you were paying the extra money for it without really needing it. Other than that it is a very secure and solid way to go.

As far as hosting your website on a shared server — don’t let the term “shared” scare you in any way. NO ONE will have access to your information that doesn’t have your password and log-in details. It just means that there will be a server that has more that one person’s website data stored on it. These machines are usually very well equipped to handle multiple websites and databases. They have an enormous amount of memory and hard drive space and are dedicated to hosting only the sites that are on it.

Even many small businesses use a shared hosting plan because they just have a simple website with text, pictures, video, a homepage, about us page, contact page, etc, etc. If a business does most of their sales online or has an e-commerce store or shopping cart, then they will likely benefit from having a dedicated hosting plan.

There are even FREE hosting plans available, but the only downside to them is that they normally require you to display ads on your site that earn ad revenue for the web hosting company. These ads are related to your website so they could potentially be ads from your competitors! So, depending on what type of website you are going to have will determine if a free hosting plan is suitable for you.

It really comes down to personal preference and/or the needs of your business. While shared hosting is perfect for most scenarios, dedicated hosting offers 24/7 monitoring, control over the software and hardware used including the operating system, control over how much memory is installed on the machine and more. It can sometimes make a big difference for a company or website.

Whether you need dedicated hosting, shared hosting or even FREE web hosting, check out for the best web hosting reviews and web hosting coupons that will save you money!

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