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Steps to Install IIS on Windows XP SP2 without CD

Steps to Install IIS on Windows XP SP2 without CD

The article describes the procedure of installing IIS (Internet Information Services) on Windows XP SP2 without a CD. One among the optional software pieces, IIS does not come pre-installed with Win XP SP2. It allows users to create and share information on intranet and internet in the form of web pages.

The methods described here are simple and correct until date. However, it is advised that these should be implemented carefully to avoid facing problems. It will help users save both time and money that would otherwise be wasted searching for Microsoft Windows XP support or Microsoft help options.


Download and install the required Win XP IIS file from a torrent but safe website like, geekswithblogs, technet, or Microsoft’s Download Center. Save the file to Desktop or the Download folder where it is easily accessible from.

When done, extract its contents to another folder\file. When the Extraction Wizard comes up, follow the instructions and complete the procedure. Use the Browse button if you want to change the location of the saved file. You must make a note of the path of the saved file into a notepad or on a piece of paper. This path will be required to enter when installing .dll files.

When done, browse to the location where the extracted file or folder is saved, open it and run the installation of IIS file. Follow the on screen instructions, give the path (that we made a note in the previous step) of the file when asked, and complete the installation procedure. If prompted, reboot the computer.

If this method doesn’t work for you, use these steps. If you don’t already have the Win XP SP2 install file, download it from Microsoft’s official website or a torrent one like softwarepatch. Extract its contents to another folder or file in the same way as mentioned above. You can also use WinRar instead of the usual WinZIP compression software.

When done extracting and saving the file, browse to its location and open it to run the installation. Enter the path of the saved file in i386 folder. Follow the instructions to complete the procedure. Instead of this, you can also install the IIS file using the customary procedure by going into the Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, and then Windows Components.

Additional Tips:

The IIS file in the second method can also be extracted using a simple command in Command Prompt. Click on the Start menu and go to Run. Type ‘cmd’ without quotes in the blank box and hit Enter. When the Command Prompt window comes up, type ‘C:\Downloads\Software>WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe /extract d:\xpsp2’ without quotes and hit Enter. Thereafter, follow the same installation procedure. Remember, this method will only work on XP SP2 (32-bit version). If you are using a 64-bit version, you will have to download an individual SP2 file.

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