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The great fatcow web hosting

The great fatcow web hosting

Fatcow web hosting provider was introduced in 1998. They were interested in starting their own hosting industry. Domain registration, shared hosting, and ecommerce services are the different services provided by Fatcow. The quality and function of the hosting solutions are high while the price of the hosting service is low when compared with other hosting providers. They also provide an entire service with reliability, function and power. The quality buyer support is provided to the potential and current web host buyers. This is an outstanding company which has their own unique package.

The hosting package for one year is just 78 dollars. This package consists of unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. The website hosting tools and shopping cart along with five MySQL databases are given by FatCow. The company provides a reliable buyer support and 30 days money back guarantee plans and a interactive applications are also available. The company also offers a MiniMoo package for the users who does not require a whole web hosting plan. This MiniMoo package offers an email account and email forwarding. Apart from this other plans are also available. The price value of the MiniMoo package is just 5 dollar per month. Some of the applications in FatCow include a blog, ecommerce features; imagine galleries, discussion board and much more. These applications are very easy to use and are secure too.

The FatCow offers many discount plans. The discount starts from about 50% for the hosting buyers. The hosting buyers get more benefit and save their money while hosting in Fatcow. Instead of giving rebate when you order, the company gives you discounted rate when you renews. This makes a great different in price value. By paying fewer amounts you can get more beneficial services through this company. Some of the exceptional bargains can be made by using FatCow coupon. You can create uncountable email addresses and databases. Free trail, free set up and free internet hosting are offered by different FatCow coupons.

Undoubtedly FatCow coupon is one of the add-on services for the business people. When compared with the other hosting companies, this company costs fewer amounts to host. The FatCow coupon has everything to make your online business in profit. Large bandwidth and disk space is provided by the packages. These coupons are announced at different times and this will help the business people to buy the extra products to their web sites. Some of the examples were web page builder and script barn. The company gives you a complete guidance and technical support through the skilled staff. The hosting service provided by FatCow is truly 100% eco-friendly. These types of coupons are especially for the small business people. The company offers about 50% discount and you can pay a monthly payment of 5 dollar.


Make use of fatcow coupons to save your money.

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