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Unlimited Tariff Plans

Unlimited Tariff Plans

The key elements of any hosting are disk space and available traffic. Disk space is a place given to you on a server for web-site keeping. Traffic, in its turn, is that limited quantity of information that a web-server can import to a network. Both of them cost money. Both of them have physical limits.

Many companies offer so called unlimited service plans. This sounds good enough as this supposes no further worries. But here is some risk you should know about.

Any provider can not give really unlimited traffic and disk space to a client. But, as life proves, most of the websites use both disk space and traffic in very humble portions. Hosting-providers, offering something “unlimited”, hope that you will not need too much of this. So, we see a simple marketing gimmick, as competition between hosting companies is strong enough. Despite the fact that “unlimited” plans can seem dishonest, this does not mean at all that the company service will be out of quality. A good thing is to look at the agreement between a hosting provider and a client. There you will see what is meant when it is said “unlimited”.

If you have a comparatively small site, and you know that it needs not so much space and traffic, you can choose an unlimited plan without hesitations. Most of alike plans contain restrictions about audio and video information uploading. But if you know that your needs are humble, you will not have problems.

Consequently, if you are going to make your website traffic high, to place there files for downloading, you’d better not choose an unlimited tariff plan. Your provider will definitely not like to work at a loss for a long period of time. The provider can either close your site or ask for additional fee.

That is why you’d better count beforehand how much disk space and traffic you need for your purposes and multiply this result by 2 (for future possible widening).

So, unlimited tariff plan is your choice if your demands in disk space and traffic are not high. In other cases it would be better to look for something more suitable.

Alesia Arefjeva is a web marketer, working with a hosting and domain registration provider.

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