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Unlimited Web Hosting – Is This For Real?

Unlimited Web Hosting – Is This For Real?

One issue that often pops in mind for business people is about unlimited web hosting. Is this really possible? You see, how can web hosting services offer unlimited storage? If you ask I.T. honchos and even their staff, they would try to explain that unlimited web hosting would mean that your website can use so much of the resources that they offer. But most of the websites available in the World Wide Web have not even reached the level of shutting a server down. It may a nice way of advertising they have a huge amount of disk space and a high bandwidth.

The term unlimited may be compared to the service that you can get — more bandwidth and other perks like numerous email accounts which you will need for your business. Shutting a server down will not happen since these web hosting services are offering big storage spaces to handle the volume of data that you need.

Unlimited web hosting is more or less like the advertisement of some fast food joints that cater an eat-all-you-can promo. You have to stop somewhere right? Otherwise, you’d end up throwing up on the table or getting rushed to the hospital for overeating.

The most important deal to consider for this kind of marketing campaign is would the web hosting company be able to provide you with 100% uptime website hosting, could they support all your customer service inquiries and could they offer you all the resources that you need to make your website compatible across all browsers.

When people were new to CSS codes, the only browser you can use is Internet Explorer. Which if you viewed a website which was created via the drag and drop capabilities of Front Page, you will just see hoards and hoards of Wingdings and Webdings if you choose to view your website using Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Yahoo! has started to offer unlimited web hosting and at first, their customers went crazy over this great idea. After they have digested and understood what Yahoo! was really offering, their blood pressures went back to normal levels.

The unlimited web hosting that they offer included unlimited disk space, data transfer, email storage, up to 1,000 email accounts, a vast array of web design tools, free domain name and most especially, an automatic submission of your company’s site to top search engines.

So this does not mean that by availing the unlimited hosting services you can use storage space until kingdom come. It just talks about the rate in which you can use the storage space before being responsible in crashing the main server.

There are countless number of hosting companies offer unlimited hosting packages but only few actually provide what they promise. Some promise the world and provide nothing while a handful of companies concerned about maintaining their reputation just don’t talk to talk but walk to walk as well.

About the Author: is a hosting company which allows you to host unlimited websites on a single hosting plan, offers unlimited server space, and also offers unlimited bandwidth for your site(s). With all these unlimited hosting features, it is safe to say that there are some companies that actually offer REAL unlimited web hosting packages.

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