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Web Hosting & Server Collocation

Web Hosting & Server Collocation

Almost every small business utilizes the services of a web hosting company to avail the benefits of a large IT department without the cost part of it. On the other side, big companies have the funds to have their own internet infrastructure that supports their own web server and a highly qualified team of IT professionals to manage and design the site.

Amongst the wide range of hosting options available worldwide, server collocation refers to hosting running up your own web server off of a dedicated internet connection. Through server collocation you can place your server machines at someone else’s rack and use this bandwidth as your own. The collocation services company installs your server on their rack and also provides you an IP, bandwidth and an uninterrupted power supply & a fail proof system support infrastructure. The proposition allows your functioning much like you would access a website through web hosting service provider the only difference is that you are using your own hardware.

Often collocation services come at a price higher than that of web hosting. Though the fact cannot be denied but you receive higher bandwidth speeds and better redundancy of network connections that result in even greater services if the only dedicated network access is more expensive full or fractional T1 lines. Furthermore these companies have a better colo disaster recovery infrastructure in place. They ensure a sturdy infrastructure and powerful backup systems the keep the servers running the entire time; hence your website is never has to face during the outages as their colo disaster recovery system is working hard at it. The service provider ensures added security for your machines and you can stay assured that your server is stored and maintained in a secured environment.

Apart from cost benefits and infrastructure advantages, another key advantage of these services is that you don’t have to depend on the web hosting company to switch or install the software or tools that you thing are the best ones. You can simply do it yourself! Whether you want ASP or ColdFusion, just purchase the one you like and install it in your server.

Going further to increase client satisfaction, most of the service providers offer the provisions of managing & maintaining your server at a little additional price. This is specifically convenient if you want to leave the hassles of having a full time IT team to handle it for you.

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