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Website Building Software Helps in Building the Website from Scratch

Website Building Software Helps in Building the Website from Scratch

A website is a number of web pages that are related to each other and are filled with content e.g. texts, images, video and audio etc. This website is actually hosted on a web server and it accessible through an internet network or a private local area network (LAN) via an internet address. All websites that can be accessed publicly make the World Wide Web. A webpage is written in plain text but with instructions of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). These web pages can be accessed with the help of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or a secure encryption (HTTPS) that provides security and privacy.

A website building software will contain all these tools and can be quite a complex piece of software. Young information technology engineers need to take time to go through the tutorials that are provided thoroughly. Building web pages does not require specialists and HTML seems to be quite easy to learn and there are many tutorials that are available on the internet. Things like how to write a hyperlink may take some time especially how to add `no follow’ tags to links and the way to insert an image into the website.

Features of a website building software must have all these facilities: Page transition effects, provision to add keywords, FTPs, Drag and drop functionality, Automatic file backup, meta tag features, rollover creation, search and replace function, spell checker, an assistant to the sitemap, scripting languages and automatic page naming. The templates should be easy to install or pre-installed, not too difficult to edit, some online templates and a specific number of templates.

Besides, some multimedia support must be built into the website and the website building software should contain audio and sound support, flash, video, animation etc. A shopping cart for websites that are concerned with buying and selling would be an added advantage. A few graphic imaging tools with adjustable compressions, online images that can be resized without distortion, thumbnail creators, image cropping facilities, and automatic revamping must be additionally provided to make the website a success.

An application service provider is a service that provides computer based services to many customers over a network. The software that provides ASP services is at times called on-demand software or SaaS (software as a service). This is quite useful when you think of providing access to a specific application program e.g. customer relationship management by using standard protocol such as HTTP.

The requirement for ASP applications rose due to the upward spiraling costs of specialized software that have gone beyond what small and medium sized business could afford. Besides, software continues to become more complex every day and there is a huge cost to distribute it to end users. ASP applications cut down the costs because any up gradation – 24×7 technical support, physical and electronic security or in-build support for business continuity is on the ASP provider.

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In this video I look at WebPlus X6, currently my favourite website designer that is suitable for beginners.
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