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Website Designer

Website Designer

‘Google’ is now a word in dictionaries and Yellow Pages can be accessed on the Internet. In this context, no matter if you are a business conducting all your operations online or a company that sells its products through its own store, you still want to have a good online presence so that you introduce yourself properly in front of current and potential customers, suppliers, retailers, associations and other entities that might become part of your organization’s stakeholders.

In order to have a website that embodies a combination of great aesthetics and great functionality, you have to select the right website designer. The ideal website designer possesses knowledge, skills, and experience in three different areas: website programming, graphic design, and marketing. When choosing a company rather than an individual chances are that you will get the best combination of those skills from the people in the company that excel in each of those areas. This is why rather than looking for a great website designer you should rather start looking for a company that hired a handful of those and is able to provide the best mix of coding, graphics, and internet marketing consultancy for your website.

A good website design provider is capable of asking the right questions about your company in order to understand your goals and needs, and further translate those into objective upon which you agree. Moreover, he/she will permanently provide you with choices and recommendations. Besides coding, a website designer can also help you with tasks such as layout deisgn, domain setup, registration, and hosting, payment processing and shopping cart, blog, email address setup, content management systems (CMS), auto-responders, and web analytics.

When choosing a company that provides these services you can also benefit from the added value marketing companies are able to provide through search engine optimization, newsletters, email marketing, and other internet marketing tools. They can design your website by employing a marketing approach of understanding your customers’ needs and behaviors and designing an experience for them when visiting your website, rather than a simple gate for accessing your company’s information and products. This experience can ensure that they enjoy their staying on your website, easily navigate their way to the shopping cart or payment button, and leave the website with purchases or at least the intention to return or recommend it to their friends.

A good website designer is more than a painter that creates an art work, places it in a gallery and waits for visitors to admire it. A good website designer is more like a primary care physician for your business; knows your health history and your risks, provides you with the right vaccination for viruses, the best care in case of sickness or best referrals to specialists when the treatment you need goes beyond his expertise. Moreover, a website designer’s talent is reflected in his capability to create an enjoyable experience for your website’s visitors and to put into place the mechanism that will save you time and money on the long term. Similarly to a primary care physician, a good website designer is one that is capable of treating your website in emergency situations. However, the best website designer is the one who develops and administers your website so that emergency events never happen in the first place.

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