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Why WordPress Templates Are Used Most?

Why WordPress Templates Are Used Most?

The biggest question comes in mind that when we are going to choose blog template that whether we should choose blogger or WordPress. We want to know which is better.

The list would show you reasons why WordPress might be better, and then give examples of it. It would be nice and diplomatic. But, why one should waste their precious time and space?

According to me, I always suggest the option wordpress. WordPress provides you all kind of facility like best plug-in, flexibility of setting themes and customization of themes, integration of different attractive themes, using WordPress platform for blogging platform or web development platform, using free inbuilt or online available templates. All kind of functionalities are provided by it. And you can download WordPress online free of cost and start enjoying your blogging experience.

Let me give you 5 reasons why WordPress is superior in your priority list:

1.Extensibility-You can have host your blog or you can take it to your own domain. Hosting your own blog on your own created domain, this gives you much more control.

2. Customization-With the right theme and or plug-in you can make your blog do just about anything. Your website can be setup to look like a traditional blog, a community portal, membership site, e-commerce store, and on and on. If you can imagine it, there are probably templates which can just about any situation.

3. Plug-in and WidgetsWordPress plugin development can make your functionalities easy to perform any kind of operations. Those plug-in are easily available on internet. Some of them are free of cost and some of payable. To use plug-in in your site it makes sense of use WordPress blog development.

4. Massive development community-Because so many people use WordPress as their blogging platform it has created a huge development community. Its popularity is reason there has sprung up a massive development community. More hire WordPress developer is attracted to this huge market for a simple reason – There are customers willing to spend money on their blogs.

WordPress is a free blogging platform. You can install it without paying one red cent. The free themes, plug-in and other options give you the flexibility to run a very powerful blog. In short I just want to explain that there is a large market for premium additions, and enhancements.

5. Ease of installation-It use to be said Blogger was better for beginners because of their ease of installation. A few simple clicks of a button and you were set to get started. But, this is not the case anymore. With options like Fantastic, Simple Scripts, and others makes WordPress a simple push button installation.

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