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Windows Vps Hosting Explained

Windows Vps Hosting Explained

Web hosting is no longer the same with the availability of greater bandwidth, more memory and more computing resources. Today, powerful and high performance resources are also available within a lesser budget and there is no need to buy a dedicated server to get better resources. Gone are the days when a business was required to spend oodles of cash if it wanted sufficient computing resources by leasing their own server. With the rise of Windows VPS, every business can now afford it.
Windows VPS Hosting
Shared hosting succeed its goals by separating a server into many or even hundreds of entities – giving the illusion of distinct servers where is originally only one. When, this illusion is not complete. There are various restrictions on shared hosting accounts which betray the underlying structure. In addition, the presence of so many different clients on the same server slows down the performance and even a single customer whose application misbehaves is capable to ruin the performance of everyone else’s.
Windows VPS on the another hand utilize virtualization to split a server into distinct virtual segments in such a way that the illusion is complete. Every virtual server is indiscernible from a real standalone server and since the number of such divisions is restricted, there are ample resources for everybody unlike those in shared hosting. In addition, no single user can affect the performance of the anothers in the least. Even the IP addresses are different with each virtual server receiving a static IP.
Windows IIS7 Server
Utilizing Windows VPS, you get the powerful Windows IIS7 web server. It is ease of utilize, stability, customization, and security. Utilizing IIS7, web admin can run applications in PHP just as simple as they can on a Linux server utilizing the FastCGI plugin. In addition, IIS7 includes powerful new features for the delivery of media content such as live video streaming and the ability to dynamically deliver different qualities of video depending on the bandwidth of the receiving system.
Windows VPS is probably the best and vary important hosting solution for a small to medium sized business. Most do not want the full fledged dedicated solutions which can get quite costly, and the flaws in shared hosting make it totally untenable. VPS Hosting provide the best of both worlds, namely great performance at an affordable price.

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