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wordpress theme designs

wordpress theme designs

Word press is a prominent free open source blog publishing application and Content management system. Word press itself has many inbuilt functionalities, which enables the bloggers to use it more freely. Blogspot and blogger are considered to its siblings. Word press application has in built widgets in it, they can be rearranged and placed without editing the code. There are several themes available in WordPress, the users can choose the theme which fits in their criteria. More over there is a provision for the users to modify and rework the existing theme. The advanced word press users can download the themes and install them in their blogs by using a file server.


The Word press offers choice for its users. The users can either sign in for a free account and own their blogs with the initial The users are given access to all features like the theme, widget, modifying the existing code etc, but they are not granted permission to install a new theme developed by an outsider, they have certain restrictions. On the other hand the paid version blog can be identified with the initial as domain They are developed with additional features, in turn they pave way for the users to modify and own their blog as per their wish. Word press always keeps a check on its users. Word press application has certain rules and norms, when the blogger adheres to it, everything goes on perfect. When the blogger goes against, the word press developers warn them, in turn they have the rights to ban their account.


The dominant features of Word press are they are search engine friendly, have clean Permalink Structure, Multiple article catergory, Integrated link management multiple author capability, automatic filters, connecting social media  etc. On the whole, Word press is composed of rich plug-in architecture, which allows the users to extend the functionality of the features beyond the basic install, and helps them to use it according to their need. On the other hand, some users exploit word press by using it only for Ad sense with commercial interest. Word press application is either built on  a PHP code or Html code. It gives opportunity for the uses to modify and rework the code to fit into their criteria. In the recent year Word press had developed apps for iPhones and iPod Touch. This apps successfully works in and Word press owns the pride of owning apps and updating itself with the technology.


Since word press has gained enough popularity all over the world, the designers have figured out to make money by designing colourful and vibrant word press Themes. Word press also owns a theme directory and plug in directories, for the users to select and make best use of  use the applications.  


Word Press MU (multi user) is another feature which helps people to own any number of blog in a single installation. It give different permission access for different blogs. It brings in about millions of page views per day. This feature is ideal foe newspapers, Universities, Blog networks, Niche blogs etc. On the whole , when the term Word press is taken, there is no full stop for its applications ,features and development.

We are Website Design and Development firm in India providing wordpress theme designs to our clients over the years.

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