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A Quick Intro to Web Hosting

A Quick Intro to Web Hosting

Web hosting companies are businesses that host your website for you from their data centre. Your data are saved in their servers and you don’t have to do anything as the maintenance, security and back-ups are all handled by these companies. This way, you can focus on your business instead of worrying about maintaining your servers. You also save on cost as you don’t have to purchase servers and you don’t have to hire people to manage them as well. All you need to pay for is the ‘rental’ of the servers and the services provided, which is definitely at a fraction of what you would be paying for the cost of servers and staff.

There are several types of web hosting. Each has specifications that differ to meet the needs of customers and their businesses:

• Web hosting

This is the most popular option selected by most businesses. In this type of hosting, you will share a server with other businesses. This means that you will share RAM, processors, storage and so on. You don’t need to worry about sharing these because security and protection is guaranteed as its best and RAM, storage and processors are enough to meet the needs of all customers too. The web hosting company would increase the number of servers should they receive more clients. This is because they cannot compromise on the quality of the service for customers are often entitled to a money-back guarantee and can change web hosts anytime. Therefore, despite the concept of sharing servers, be assured that you will get everything as promised.

• Reseller hosting

In reseller hosting, you use your share of bandwidth and hard drive space to host websites for others. In simpler words, you act as though you are the web host for these clients. You can buy the host’s services at a wholesale price and then sell those to customers. You have the option of either renting the entire server or just sell the shared hosting services.

VPS hosting

VPS, or its full name Virtual Private Server, refers to the entire server that is rented by a customer. The use of the server is exclusive; you don’t share it with anyone. You are able to customise it according to your preference by having your own applications, software and systems. It acts as a separate physical computer, therefore you can choose to configure it to run as a server computer as well. Although pretty rare, sometimes people use the term ‘Virtual Dedicated Server’ (VDS) to refer to this concept.

The selection of hosting services pretty much depends on your needs for your business, as well as the budget that you have for investing.

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