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The Types of Web Hosting

The Types of Web Hosting

Planning for your own website? The first thing ever you need to decide is which type of web hosting you would like to use. Web hosting is mainly divided into four categories. To determine the right web host for you will depend on the intention of your website and how much money you are willing to invest. Therefore you should consider each type before making any decision.

Free web hosting is always the first choice for the users, especially for private websites. It is famous because there will not have any charges on your website, is 100% free! However, you will not have much control over the setting. You will be facing the limitation of storage and bandwidth and you will be required to use the template provided by the web host. You may not have you own domain name as well.

The second type of hosting is shared server, another famous choice. With share server you will pay to use space on the web host’s server but don’t worry, the cost is relatively low and you will be able to have your own domain name! You were also be given the option for storage capacity upgrade for a fee when it is needed.

The negative of shared server is you will be sharing the server space with other users of the web host. This could lead up the chances of security and privacy risks of your information, which other users may be accidentally, see your information. This will not be an ideal hosting for those who plan to ecommerce on their website.

The third and fourth places are dedicated server and co-located server. For dedicated server you will pay to use their server whereas for co-located server, you need to provide your own server. The similarity of these two web hosts is there will be only one user using a single server, meaning only your website information will be stored. Therefore, you will have plenty of storage and bandwidth, and your information will be secured from other user.

However, the disadvantages of these two types of web hosting are they could be costly. After all, you are paying to use the whole server by yourself for a dedicated server and for co-located server; you need to set up your own server.

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