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Benefits of Local Hosting

Benefits of Local Hosting

Gone are those days when more than 80 percent of Indian businesses chose to host their websites overseas. The United States was the most preferred hosting destination amongst many Indian businesses as the services were backed up with a robust infrastructure, comfortable Internet bandwidth and affordable pricing.

Today, thanks to the proliferation of organized players in the Indian IT sector, the nation is an emerging destination in the arena of local hosting. The advent of world-class infrastructure that has leveraged reliable and scalable Internet connection along with rapid market development efforts, have forced the businesses to change their hosting options from international to national options.

By local hosting, we mean hosting sites related to India in the Indian Data Centers. Most companies now realize the benefits of local hosting. A few of these benefits are:

• The hosting destination is a function of the geographic concentration of the target audience. So, if your online business’ target audience is primarily India-based, then the hosting destination needs to be India.

• When compared to the earlier times, local hosting helps to overcome the traffic clashes that may arise due to the time-zone differences between any two countries. For instance, if you have chosen US hosting services, the day shift here in India coincides with the night shift in the US thus resulting in slow browser speed and network congestion.

• Performance parameters can be defined and committed as the browsers do not have to travel over multiple networks internationally to access sites based in the overseas.

• Tasks such as web server administration, creating passwords and so on can be frequently executed without being charged per hour basis when compared with international hosting. Thus, local hosting is affordable.

• In case of non-delivery against commitments, the legal accountability is higher if both the client and the hosting service provider are India-based as the transaction would be governed by comprehensive SLAs, with legal provisions clearly explained.

Owing to the bandwidth scenario, though the Indian tariffs are slightly higher, yet availing local hosting services in India can fetch you umpteen benefits as discussed above. A few companies also provide uptime guarantees and committed SLAs such as Go4hosting, a fully owned subsidiary of Cyber Futuristics India Private Limited. Specialized in Dedicated Server hosting, Managed Server Hosting and Virtual Server Hosting; Go4 hosting offers array of hosting services to individuals, small, medium and big businesses. The company is ISO 9001-2008 certified which governs its pronounced measures of securing data with a dedicated server support, outer perimeter security, intrusion detection, managed firewall services, operating system hardening, vulnerability analysis, patch testing etc.

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