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Advantages of local web hosting

Advantages of local web hosting

There are many aspects to be considered while choosing a web host. In the past, people were mostly inclined to subscribe to the services of a reputed web host, irrespective of the location of the server. These days, however, server location could impact search engine rankings. So, it matters where servers are located.

The importance of local web hosting is largely underrated and most website owners know little about the location of the server. In fact, most do not have any clue about server locations at all. The game plan largely seems to be to buy the cheapest available servers, not really caring about where these servers are located. Until recently, website owners could get away with such a myopic view. But, search engines like Google have become savvier and in their bid to return the most accurate and appropriate search results have made local web hosting an important factor in local search results.

This is how it works. When a search query is run through a search engine like Google, there is every effort to yield results that are accurate and efficacious. Since most people like to find service providers in the vicinity, Google places much importance on local search results. In an effort to deliver the best results, search engine results are often filtered by geographical location of servers. To provide the best search results grouped by locality, Google and other search engines track the IP address of the website. Adwords are also displayed based on the IP. Thus, advertisements related to the business and in the same geographical areas are clubbed together.

So, how does this impact your business? Well, there was a time when someone searching for something like ‘Dalmatians’ would end up receiving listings from all over the world. These days, however, search results would be more localized and you are most likely to receive results from the place you stay in. So, if you stay in Houston, you will receive links to local pet stores in Houston. This Google does through the use of the IP address of the website, which is derived from the location of the web hosting server. If the web hosting server is located at some other part of the world, the website is going to lose out on their target market.

The above search engine strategy is crucial to those who target local customers. Localized businesses – businesses that depend mostly on customers in and around the area – may thus garner the power of Google IP based search results to attract customers. This is the primary reason why a business based in Houston should opt for web hosting Houston.

Local web hosting services also bring a lot of value to the table. In case of web hosting problems, it is easy to contact the web host and get the issue sorted out at the earliest. There are no language problems or time barriers to be kept in mind when dealing with a local web host. Thus, choosing a web hosting service from the same geographical area has several advantages.

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