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Cloud Computing Is Here To Stay In India

Cloud Computing Is Here To Stay In India


Today Cloud computing is being suggested as an essential answer to the challenges of IT silos, such as high expenses, inefficiencies, continuous maintenance and support concerns and increasing user demand for services. While high performance file share applications and transactional data are aptly managed within the enterprise data centers, cloud computing is showcasing its capacity to manage maximized internet data from rich web applications, huge data processing jobs, services from online providers and other digital media creation with follow-on global distribution. Furthermore, several industry analysts and business persons mutually agree on the scope of cloud computing. Back in 2008 the overall expense on cloud computing services was calculated to have a 27 percent compound annual growth rate between 2008 and 2012, expanding from US$ 16 billion to US$ 42 billion. Going by IDC cloud services are predicted to expand five times the rate of the present enterprise IT expenditure.

With all these thoughts in mind it is interesting to note how cloud computing providers in India have expanded over the past few years modifying their service portfolio. Eminent companies with their online provisioning and management flexible computing ranks amongst the world’s best and provide the real power of cloud computing as per their client’s requirements. Renowned cloud computing service providers today are experienced in cloud infrastructure, managed and shared hosting services, network penetration testing as well as in capacity to provide its users a complete IT architecture in cloud.

Best cloud computing providers in India with their Turnkey IT Operations Service helps to streamline the existing IT infrastructure for various organizations. They provide a comprehensive management of applications and infrastructure. If you are willing to partner with an esteemed provider then it is advisable that you go through the multiple case studies posted on their website. By this you can attain a clear picture about the customer vertical and other essential market records.

Cloud computing solutions provided by top solution providers is based on IaaS or Infrastructure-as-a-service. After having the complete knowledge of their Service Level Agreements you can completely depend on IT infrastructure with the exact confidence as you would have done in case of a physical IT infrastructure.

Cloud computing was initially looked upon by few as a “technological flash”. Going by the present trends, this is here to stay. Users today clearly see it as an essential answer to their requirement for speed when it comes to business. However, there still remain few apprehensions from the users, for instance security and stability of data on cloud. To be able to reach a wide scale audience acceptance, cloud computing vendors are required to offer a certain degree of trust. As trust is the most important factor because of which organizations of every size decide to completely engage with a technology.


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