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Cloud Computing ? What It Is and What It Is Not

Cloud Computing ? What It Is and What It Is Not

The Cloud is a virtual environment that facilitates users in easily accessing and using services hosted over the internet. The use of Google apps to view and upload documents and datasheets has been made possible through cloud computing. It frees you from having to installing any software or email servers on your local computerm thus reducing costs to a large extent. Cloud computing also eliminates the need for IT professionals. Due to these time saving and cost-effective benefits, cloud computing has become a very popular feature in the IT world.

How Does the Cloud Computing Model Work?

It is actually not very practical to buy new software for every computer within an organization because it amounts to added expenses and an overload of applications that can hinder the normal progress of the machines. With the help of the cloud computing system you can now access all your programs and applications, resting on a remote machine, through a web-based service. As a result your local computers do not have the burden of running all these applications, which makes operations quicker. All you need to do is use your web browser to access the applications.

Cloud Computing Architecture

The cloud computing system is comprised of front end and back end operations. The front end refers to the client’s side, where users can access applications on any virtual thin client via computer networks. The back end deals with several servers and data storage systems that provide the computing services. The entire back end and front end synchronization is handled by a central server to monitor and provide uninterrupted services to the user.

What Is Not Cloud Computing?

The term “cloud” has been misinterpreted and used universally for any sort of service that is available via the web. Cloud computing cannot be categorized as:

Google docs / gmail or These are just web-based services.

Software that is executed and distributed among multiple computers. This is called grid computing or parallel computing.

Cloud computing is an architectural system that can deliver services on individual independent platforms via web applications. However, any platform or device dependent application cannot be classified as cloud computing. Similarly if the data fails to be accessed locally or in any location or even offline then it cannot be considered a cloud computing application. If the information provided is not secure and does not fulfill privacy compliance regulations, then it is not a qualified application or service.

What Is the Need for Cloud Computing?

Users are provided flexible working environments because they are able to access their applications and data anywhere, anytime. This is a great boon for the mobile workforce that is increasing in numbers.

You are not weighed down by the increasing costs of hardware and software because these issues are handled by a remote server. You can also save on the employment of IT personnel for maintenance and support.

There is no tension around acquiring physical space for storing data because the data is stored somewhere else and not locally.

Businesses can gain a lot from the cloud computing platform because it provides a potent virtual workspace that can be harnessed to the maximum and utilized to reach unimaginable goals.


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