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Different Types of Website Hosting Services in Mumbai

Different Types of Website Hosting Services in Mumbai

Since the internet is growing on a lightning speed, people have realized that the field of web is necessary and not a luxury. With the help of a website, you can reach millions of people across the globe and offer your products and services to them with just one click. However, you will need to have the right hosting service in order to achieve this goal and grow your website into a successful online business.

Web Hosting Services in Mumbai

With the help of Mumbai’s web hosting service you can host your own website and make your website available to people who are interested in the products & services offered in your website. There are different types of web hosting services offered by the hosting companies. You will have to get familiar with yourself and these types of hosting before you select the right package.  This will help you to understand which package is beneficial and meets your requirements.

Types of Web Hosting Services in Mumbai

1. Linux Hosting
Linux Hosting is the most used operating system when it comes to online business and supported by all hosting package. Users get an application called cPanel in order to control your entire account in this type of hosting. This type of hosting is becoming very popular day by day.

2. Windows Hosting
Windows Hosting is another most widely used platform. This platform is advisable for those users who want to use windows based applications like Microsoft Access or any other windows compatible applications.

3. Reseller Hosting 

The provider who what to rent the space and bandwidth to other user can go for Reseller hosting. In addition, they provide the facility of control panel as well as File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access. This will give complete access and let you to manage each and every activity of the website.

4. Shared Hosting

This is the lowest cost hosting. In a shared hosting service, one particular server is shared with various clients and the hosting company that owns the server will manage as well as monitor the server and provide customer support. Since shared hosting is affordable, you will have to make sure that the plan you select must go with the basics of web hosting such as, applications, scripting languages, control panel and more.

5. Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated website hosting services in Mumbai is more sophisticated. This is because; there is one particular dedicated server for each client. You have an option to rent a complete server use all the resources and make your own huge site. Hence, renting a dedicated server for your website will provides greater reliability to your customers.

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