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How To Upload WordPress To Your Hosting Plugin Upload Explained

How To Upload WordPress To Your Hosting Plugin Upload Explained

How To Upload WordPress

1)  Many of you already have hosting, and I will use hostgator as an example, now I will put this in lamen terms for anyone that has no idea how to do it.  OK-your in your hostgator account, now you will see your hosting credentials there on the bottom left sidebar, usually they will say now copy and paste this to whoever has your domains like godaddy-now go into godaddy and you will see your acct-you will see where it says nameservers, now add the hostgator info there, make sure you imput both numbers there, hit submit your done with this.

2)  Now go back into your cpanel hosting account, you will see where it says domains, add the domain there don’t use www. now it will ask you for a password you can imput that there, hit submit and your done with this part.

3)  Now go into where it says fantastico deluxe in your cpanel and that will be under software/services- on the left side you will see where it says wordpress click that, now add the domain you want to upload, add the login codes you desire and your done!  This is the simplest way to upload wordpress to hosting accounts. 

Uploading Paid Plugins to WordPress

1)  Many people use paid wordpress plugins, the easiest way to upload these plugins can be explained below.  After you buy the plugin make sure you add it to your desktop account, it makes it easier when you leave it there-and leave it zipped! 

2)  Now go into your hosting account, you will see where it says file manager, double click that and look for the domain you want to add it to.  Now you will see where it says (wp-content) double click that and you will see where it says (wp-plugin) click that!  Now in the upper left you will see where you can hit UPLOAD – browse through your desktop until you see where you can find the paid plugin, now double click the plugin and hit enter it will take about 50 seconds to successfully upload, OK now get out of that screen –  go back to the file manager where the same domain you want the plugin anotherwords go back to file manager (wp-content) and (wp-plugin) once you see that zipped file go to the upper right and you will see a extract button, just click the zipped file once and then click extract-this will happen right in front of your eyes!  Now after it’s completed go back into the plugin section of your blog, and activate the plugin it’s that easy,  If you need more help with this we have a video available and you can see that here We have made it simple to download wordpress to hostgator or any hosting account-as long as you have fantistico you should be all right. 

Make Money With Paid Plugins

  The easiest way to make money in wordpress is locating a automated plugin such as Wp-Robot  Here you can have the ability to make amazon commissions and ebay.  Now clickbank is added.  There are money making plugins out there, but literally this is one of the best you will come across.  WordPress has many free plugins you can add in your admin section but they are what they are, some are excellent but if you are looking to make money your better off using this plugin.  Installing wordpress is very easy if you know how, many are making a lot of money by just learning this feature.  You can sell your blogs on many sites such as ebay! 

Learn How to Upload WordPress To Your Hosting 

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