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Scopes of Cloud Computing Services

Scopes of Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services efficiently allows enterprises to outsource IT services. All the expenses of software, data storage as well as payment and billing procedures are transferred to the cloud provider. Hence, a cloud provider is an individual company that is accountable for securing all these vital information.

However, the potential of cloud computing services today goes beyond the transferring and storing of information. Recently the innovations that have been taking place makes it possible for two people belonging to two separate countries, speaking separate languages interact over the phone with the help of certain software applications that helps in automatic language translation. The industry experts however, categories cloud computing services in the following five types:-

* SaaS (Software as a Service) – that helps to license an application to users with the help of subscription with the help of the “pay-as-you-go” model.
* PaaS (Platform as a Service) – This enables the software developers lease the total resources required to set up their own applications
* IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) – With the help this users lease servers and storage.
* CaaS (Communication as a Service) – This is basically an outsourcing model for business interactions that comprises contact center applications, voice conferencing and voice over IP.
* EaaS (Everything as a Service) – This entails collating few or all the above mentioned services.

However, today there are eminent IT players specializing in managed hosting services and others, plan to be the transformation partner with the SMB’s as well as the large scale companies that are resorting to the cloud computing sphere by the virtue of unmatched capacities and strengths with a rich user experience in Cloud computing services.

Such companies have always been the force in technology adoption and have encountered numerous “firsts” to its credit for setting up industry leading programs. Some of them have been the pioneer in Infrastructure and Application integration and to introduce and set up utility models such as the Business Ready Infrastructure (BRI). At the same time they have joined hands with ISV’s and technology enterprises to set up Cloud based services, service operating models and other delivery platforms. Furthermore, these companies also specialize in efficient information security consulting and other technology driven services.


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