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The Truth About Unlimited Hosting

The Truth About Unlimited Hosting

What is unlimited hosting? Well, it is a web hosting package, that allows you to host unlimited sites, with unlimited resources. By unlimited resources, I mean disk space and bandwidth. I know that this sounds too good to be true, but is it actually the case?

In my experience, not all unlimited hosting packages mean what they say. Some hosts do impose restrictions on what and how much you can host, which give lie to the statement. Whilst many host suggest that you can have as many domains hosted within the package as you like, there is often an overall package restriction on either hard disk space, bandwidth or both. The truth of the matter is that you are restricted by how much of the total system resources each domain takes up.

Some hosts, however, are true to their word. Unlimited hosting means just that. You can host as many domains as you want, using whatever resources you need. It is important that you check the details before making a commitment, because transferring hundreds of domains at a later stage is a very painful process.

So what can you use unlimited hosting for? Admittedly, if you only have a handful of domains, then such a scheme might be of limited value, and not worth the cost.

However, if you are building a web real estate portfolio, then unlimited hosting might be just what you need. The ability to diversify your portfolio amongst a multitude of niches could be very important. And to be able to host these domains at a few cents per month makes the proposal seem very attractive from a business point of view.

Equally, if you plan on selling the hosting space on, then unlimited hosting could be an unbelievable deal! You could get a monthly income from reselling hosting, and cover your costs with very little outlay. For many, this is a great online business model.

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